Upcoming virtual workshop on data submission and visualization

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The Brain Image Library will be hosting a virtual Data Submission and Visualization workshop on July 27 and 28. Registration is now open! 

Data sharing is essential in order to replicate research findings, perform cross-study analyses, and develop robust analysis tools. Centralized data repositories with set standards can facilitate effective data sharing and are necessary for replicating and validating results and for addressing new research questions. The Brain Image Library (BIL) is a national public resource serving the neuroscience community by providing a centralized repository of brain microscopy data. The BIL is operated as a partnership between the Biomedical Applications Group at the Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center, the Center for Biological Imaging at the University of Pittsburgh, and the Molecular Biosensor and Imaging Center at Carnegie Mellon University. Examples of data in the BIL include whole and partial brain datasets, targeted microscope-enabled experiments, and microscopy data from multimodal experiments. All data included in the BIL can be accessed by researchers at no cost.  

In an upcoming virtual workshop, the Brain Image Library will present hands-on walkthroughs of the data submission and visualization process. The virtual workshop will take place on July 27 and 28, 2022 from 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM (EST). 

Data Submission Virtual Workshop – July 27 

This virtual workshop will provide a hands-on walkthrough of the BIL data submission process and how to use the BIL Analysis Ecosystem for pre-submission exploration, sharing, and processing. Other topics will include Brain Image Library data scope and available resources, a detailed overview of the data submission process, and how to validate and release data to the public. 

Data Exploration Virtual Workshop – July 28 

This virtual workshop will provide an introduction to the data included in the BIL and the BIL Analysis Ecosystem. Other topics will include how to access the various resources for data exploration, how to use the BIL Analysis Ecosystem to run Jupyter notebooks, and how to visualize and analyze data using a variety of software tools. 

Registration for participating in the virtual workshop is open! The target audience for this workshop includes data submitters, principal investigators, data managers, and microscopy lab personnel. This workshop is supported by NIH BRAIN award R24MH114683 within the BRAIN Informatics Program