Upcoming deep brain stimulation meeting to focus on contributions of women scientists

Image of a BRAIN with the words "DBS Think Tank" over with event dates below

Register now for the 10th annual Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) Think Tank on August 17-19, 2022. The theme for this 3-day virtual event will be “Women in Neuromodulation” and all sessions will be chaired by women. 

Deep brain stimulation (DBS) is commonly used to treat many neurological disorders, such as Parkinson’s disease and epilepsy. Researchers are currently working to expand the scope of DBS to include more neurological and neuropsychiatric disorders. It is estimated that globally over 230,000 DBS devices have been implanted for the treatment of neurological and neuropsychiatric disorders. 

The DBS Think Tank is an annual meeting of approximately 100 world experts in the field, including neurologists, neurosurgeons, and neuroscientists. Founded in 2012, the DBS Think Tank addresses cutting-edge research, technologies, and neuroethical issues in the field of neuromodulation. It provides an open platform for clinicians, engineers, and researchers (from both industry and academia) to freely discuss current and emerging DBS technology. Speakers are encouraged to present late-breaking unpublished research results. 

The 10th annual meeting of the DBS Think Tank will take place in Orlando, FL, on August 17 from 8:00 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. EST, August 18 from 10:00 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. EST, and August 19 from 8:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. EST. The theme of this virtual meeting is “Women in Neuromodulation,” inspired by an article by Dr. Petra Heiden highlighting women who contributed to the development of stereotactic and functional neurosurgery. This year, all session chairs for the DBS Think Tank are women. 

Sessions will include: 

Day 1: Wednesday, August 17, 2022 

Bench Therapies “Inspiring Neuromodulation,” moderated by Svjetlana Miocinovic, M.D., Ph.D. at Emory University  

Advances and Challenges in Applying Closed Loop Physiology to Neuromodulation, moderated by Stephanie Cernera, Ph.D. at University of California, San Francisco  

Transforming the OR into the Laboratory, moderated by Doris Wang, Ph.D. at University of California, San Francisco  

Industry Blitz, moderated by Helen Bronte-Stewart, M.D. at Stanford University 

Day 2: Thursday, August 18, 2022 

Updates from Europe, moderated by Petra Heiden, M.D. at University of Cologne  

Updates from Asia, moderated by Valerie Voon, Ph.D. at University of Cambridge 

Neuroethics Cases: Dilemmas that Inform the Future of Neuromodulation, moderated by Cynthia Kubu, Ph.D. at Cleveland Clinic 

Keynote Speaker: Musings on Pragmatic Alliances Between Foxes and Hedgehogs in Life, Science, and DBS, Helen Mayberg, M.D., Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai 

Day 3: Friday, August 19, 2022 

DBS Candidacy: The Next Frontier in Emerging Therapies, moderated by Nicole Provenza, Ph.D. at Baylor College of Medicine 

What’s Next for Clinical Neuromodulation, moderated by Marta San Luciano, M.D. at University of California, San Francisco 

Emerging Consumer BCI, moderated by Cora de Hemptinne, M.S., Ph.D. at University of Florida 

Registration is still open! Please register here for the virtual event. For more details on the agenda and speaker lineup, visit the event webpage

Missed out on last year’s proceedings? Check out this publication summarizing the 9th annual DBS Think Tank, which was held on August 25-27, 2021, in Orlando, FL.