Showcasing the BRAIN Initiative Plasmid/Virus Collection with Addgene

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BRAIN is collaborating with Addgene to develop a plasmid/virus collection that will showcase and promote the dissemination of the diverse molecular tools developed under the NIH BRAIN Initiative. NIH will be seeking investigators who are interested in having their plasmids/viruses featured in the collection.

The NIH BRAIN Initiative encourages the dissemination and sharing of tools and technologies that are developed by its investigators. As part of this goal, BRAIN has collaborated with Addgene to develop a BRAIN Initiative plasmid/virus collection and repository that will showcase the diverse molecular tools developed under the BRAIN Initiative and promote their dissemination.

BRAIN-funded investigators might have an existing collection at Addgene, where they have already deposited BRAIN-funded plasmids/viruses as part of their award’s Resource Sharing Plan. Alternatively, investigators may plan to deposit plasmids/viruses in the near future after publication or completion of their active BRAIN grant.

The BRAIN Initiative collection with Addgene can be viewed here: To start a new plasmid deposit at, investigators can include “BRAIN Initiative” in the Depositor Comments field during data entry, or e-mail to add their plasmids to the BRAIN Initiative collection.

Investigators with questions about adding their plasmids/viruses to the BRAIN Initiative collection with Addgene may contact Dr. Olivier Berton (

To view this and other BRAIN Initiative resources, please visit the Resources page of the NIH BRAIN Initiative website.