NIH Reissues Funding Opportunity Announcements for the BRAIN Advanced Postdoctoral Career Transition Award to Promote Diversity (K99/R00)

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The next application deadline for the BRAIN Initiative Advanced Postdoctoral Career Transition Award to Promote Diversity (K99/R00) is February 10, 2020 (resubmission deadline is March 10, 2020).

Fostering diversity in the scientific research workforce is a key element of the NIH strategy to identify, develop, support, and maintain the quality of our scientific human capital. Research shows that diverse teams working together outperform homogenous ones. Scientists and trainees with different backgrounds and points of view bring innovation and creativity to solving complex scientific problems. Diversity enhances scientific discovery, which is why NINDS, along with the other NIH Institutes and Centers participating in the BRAIN Initiative, is strongly committed to enhancing diversity in the biomedical workforce.

The funding opportunity announcement (FOA) for one part of this effort, the NIH BRAIN Initiative Advanced Postdoctoral Career Transition Award to Promote Diversity (K99/R00), has been reissued. The program is designed to enhance scientific research workforce diversity and promote retention and advancement of a strong cohort of highly-skilled, well-trained, NIH-supported independent investigators from diverse backgrounds working in BRAIN Initiative research priority areas. Twenty outstanding researchers to date have received the NIH BRAIN Initiative K99/R00 award — learn more about current awardees here.

The award is intended for individuals who have no more than five years of postdoctoral experience at the time of the initial or resubmission application and who require at least 12 months of mentored research training and career development before transitioning to an independent tenure-track or equivalent faculty position.

For this announcement, institutions are encouraged to identify candidates who will enhance diversity as described in the Notice of NIH’s Interest in Diversity, which include members of underrepresented racial or ethnic groups, individuals with disabilities, those from disadvantaged backgrounds, and women. The reissued funding announcement also falls under the new NIH Extension Policy for Eligibility Window for Pathway to Independence Awards (K99/R00), which allows applicants to extend the eligibility time window for new application submission or resubmission due to childbirth (one-year extension), medical concerns, disability, and other reasons. Most extension requests are reviewed on a case-by-case basis. For more details on K99/R00 eligibility extensions, please view information under the “Career Planning” tab here.

Information about applications can be found under RFA-NS-19-043 (independent clinical trial not allowed) and RFA-NS-19-044 (independent clinical trial required). Additional resources, including a technical assistance webinar, are available at

Please note that the BRAIN K99/R00 receipt dates differ from the Parent K99/R00 standard receipt dates. The next deadline for the BRAIN K99/R00 application is February 10, 2020, and standard dates apply after that. The upcoming resubmission deadline is March 10, 2020. Applications to previous FOAs (PAR-18-813 and PAR-18-814) can also be resubmitted for the March deadline.

Those interested in applying for this award may send scientific or career development questions to


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