NIH Announces Funding Concepts for Fiscal Year 2017

Brain image

The upcoming year represents a transition point for NIH’s contribution to the BRAIN Initiative, with ambitious goals for scaling up initial efforts as well as plans in new areas such as technology dissemination, data coordination, and neuroethics. Details and specific contact information are available on the Cleared Initiatives page of the NIH BRAIN website.

Although the budget outlook for FY2017 is uncertain, the President’s budget (pdf, 94KB) calls for a total appropriation of $195 million to achieve an ambitious set of goals for the NIH BRAIN Initiative. This total has been matched (pdf, 3.9MB) or exceeded (pdf, 741KB) by proposals from House and Senate appropriations subcommittees. Funding opportunity announcements (FOAs) for FY2017 are now open or anticipated in the following Research Areas:

  1. Census of Brain Cell Types 
  2. Tools for Cells and Circuits
  3. Technologies for Neural Recording and Modulation
  4. Human Imaging and Neuromodulation
  5. Understanding Neural Circuits
  6. Technology Dissemination and Training
  7. Small Business Awards
  8. Data Coordination
  9. Neuroethics

For details and specific contact information on FOAs in each of these areas, please visit our Cleared Initiatives page and scroll down to the section titled “NIH Plans for the BRAIN Initiative in Fiscal Year 2017.”