NeuroDataReHack applications are open for novel analysis of publicly available neurophysiology datasets

Colorful pathways in a human brain.

Apply by June 17 to attend a hackathon at the Allen Institute from October 3-5, 2022 where participants will have the opportunity to reanalyze existing open datasets to generate new insights. 

BRAIN-funded programs and partners, including the OpenScope Program, DANDI Archive, Neurodata Without Borders (NWB), Allen Institute, and The Kavli Foundation, are hosting a hackathon to train participants to analyze existing neurophysiology data for novel insights into brain function. 

New technologies, such as mesoscale calcium imaging and Neuropixels recordings, have catalyzed experiments that generate unprecedented volumes of data from the brain. With large data come large analyses, which offer new opportunities to glean insights about the brain that go beyond the analytical expertise of any single lab. In anticipation of a paradigm shift necessary for mining the rich vein of neuroscience data, the BRAIN Initiative has made significant investments in building infrastructure to effectively share and interpret data, such as the DANDI Archive for neurophysiology data. 

As a result of the NIH BRAIN Initiative’s data sharing policy that requires all award recipients to submit their data to BRAIN-funded archives, the DANDI Archive now has more than 89 publicly available neurophysiology datasets. These datasets have been standardized by NWB to promote data sharing in neuroscience. The NeuroDataReHack workshop will introduce participants to DANDI’s ecosystem of analysis and visualization tools, demonstrate how to access and analyze DANDI Archive datasets, and teach participants how to use the NWB standard. In addition, workshop participants will be invited to apply for a one-year grant opportunity funded by The Kavli Foundation for novel analysis of publicly available datasets.  

More details about the hackathon and how to apply can be found here. Participation is limited to 30 people, and applications are due June 17.