Just Published: Brain Connectivity Workshop Series Report

Yellow neuron.

What will the future of brain connectivity mapping look like? What have we learned? Where are we now? Find out by reading our recent report summarizing key takeaways from the workshop.

Since its inception, the BRAIN Initiative© has had its sights set on fully mapping the human brain. To accomplish this goal, the NIH BRAIN Initiative recently partnered with the Department of Energy (DOE) Office of Science to co-host a workshop series that brought together experts to discuss state-of-the-art technologies, opportunities and challenges in mapping complete atlases of brain connectivity (or wiring diagrams) in mammals. Workshops included presentations by leading experts in neuroscience, engineering, and data science, followed by lively panel discussions and a town hall recap.

Learn more about discussions by reading the workshop report, which offers in-depth perspectives on the capabilities of connectomics technologies, how to advance them, and a glimpse of the future of connectome mapping. Overall, Dr. John Ngai, Director of the NIH BRAIN Initiative, noted this project as a “valuable opportunity to build new coalitions and collaborations, and to reimagine diverse workforces for future generations of scientists and engineers.”

For more details, please read the full report here (PDF, 1.98 MB).

Brain connectivity illustration.