Funding Opportunity Announcements for 2022: Courses for Skills Development

Neural recoding probe surrounded by colorful neurons.

Today’s post highlights a new funding opportunity announcement (FOA) that supports short courses for skills development that will significantly advance the educational goals of the BRAIN Initiative.

RFA-EY-21-003 BRAIN Initiative-Related Research Education: Short Courses (R25 Clinical Trial Not Allowed)

This FOA funds the continuation of ongoing and creation of new courses for skills development that will advance the educational goals of the BRAIN Initiative as described in The BRAIN Initiative 2.0: From Cells to Circuits, Towards Cures report, including neuroethics and opportunities to increase the workforce diversity in BRAIN Initiative research areas. Courses should enable the acquisition of specific research skills and knowledge by individuals in the formative stages of their research careers, to ensure that the next generation of research scientists has the appropriate expertise to advance the BRAIN Initiative. The program approaches and activities should be implemented and evaluated with the goal of disseminating the outcomes for the benefit of the larger BRAIN Initiative community.

Proposed programs will support the development of a sophisticated cadre of future investigators with the knowledge and skills to apply BRAIN Initiative techniques to research questions about brain function and behavior. Participants in programs supported by the FOA are limited to graduate/medical students, medical residents, postdoctoral scholars, and/or early career faculty with an emphasis on diversity as defined by NIH (NOT-OD-20-031). Please read the full FOA for more details. Applications are due on February 15, 2022.

You can also visit the BRAIN Initiative’s Funding Opportunities webpage for details on other awards.