Deadline extended to April 25 for BRAIN Initiative Challenge: Ethical Considerations of Brain Technologies

An icon for the BRAIN Initiative Challenge, showing a brain icon, a light bulb, scales, and a brain circuit.

The 2nd annual BRAIN Initiative Challenge is an essay and video contest for high school students which seeks diverse perspectives on ethics surrounding emerging brain technologies.  

What would happen if humans could altogether stop the effects of aging on the brain? What if we could precisely map, record, and simulate the neural activity of memories? What if we could enhance brain function and intelligence?   

There are so many questions that exist at the intersection of ethics and neuroscience. While these questions seem to lie in the realm of science fiction, we may one day have to address them—and their impacts on society. The line between science fiction and reality is constantly being redrawn as research discoveries drive the advancement and state of modern technology.  

The 2nd Annual BRAIN Initiative Challenge Essay and Video Contest is a federal challenge for high school students across the country that seeks to explore these topics and other ethical implications of novel technologies being developed and applied to understand the brain and treat brain disorders.   

And our deadline for submissions has now been extended! Eligible students can submit their ideas and perspectives for prizes until April 25 at 7 p.m. EDT in the form of a two-page essay or less than five-minute video, with winners announced during the 8th Annual BRAIN Meeting on June 21.   

We encourage you to share the contest information with your students, contacts, organization, and on social media!  

Learn more about the Challenge by visiting the BRAIN Challenge 2.0 webpage or reading about the diverse group of winners who participated in the first round of this educational opportunity, announced during Brain Awareness Week in 2021.