BRAIN re-issues funding opportunities and notices to advance development of recording and modulation technologies

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The three re-issued funding opportunities and notices support new neural recording and modulation technology projects at multiple stages of development.

The active and planned funding opportunities (FOAs) featured below aim to advance our understanding of the dynamic activity of brain circuits by providing unprecedented opportunities for exploring how the nervous system encodes, stores, and retrieves vast quantities of information. The awards target projects in all stages of development, including early stages (R21), proof-of-concept (R01), and existing or emerging technologies (U01). All proposed projects are encouraged to use multiple approaches and interdisciplinary collaborations across several domains of expertise.

RFA-EY-21-001 New Concepts and Early-Stage Research for Recording and Modulation in the Nervous System (Reissue of RFA-EY-18-001; R21)

This FOA solicits applications for unique and innovative recording and/or modulation technologies in humans or behaving animals that are in the earliest stage of development, including new and untested ideas that are in the initial stages of conceptualization. A wide range of modalities are appropriate, and both invasive and non-invasive approaches are sought that will enable large-scale recording and/or precise manipulation of neural activity. Applications are encouraged from any qualified individuals, including physicists, engineers, theoreticians, and scientists, especially those not typically involved with neuroscience research. The next receipt dates are May 3, 2021 and October 29, 2021.


NOT-NS-21-051 Novel Technologies and Approaches for Recording and Modulation in the Nervous System (Notice of Intent to Publish Reissuance of RFA-NS-18-020; R01)

This Notice informs the community of a plan to reissue RFA-NS-18-020. This FOA will support applications for proof-of-concept testing and development of new technologies and novel approaches for recording and modulation of cells and networks in animal models (vertebrates and invertebrates). These novel neurotechnologies have the potential to enable transformative understanding of diverse types of dynamic signaling in the central nervous system (CNS). This FOA will seek exceptionally creative approaches to address major challenges associated with recording and modulating CNS activity, at or near cellular resolution, at multiple spatial and/or temporal scales, in any region and throughout the entire depth of the brain.

NOT-NS-21-052 Optimization of Transformative Technologies for Recording and Modulation in the Nervous System (Notice of Intent to Publish Reissuance of RFA-NS-18-019; U01)

This Notice informs the community of a plan to reissue RFA-NS-18-019. This FOA will seek applications to optimize existing or emerging technologies that have the potential to address major challenges associated with recording and modulation of diverse types of dynamic signaling through iterative testing with end users. These technologies and approaches should have previously demonstrated their transformative potential through initial proof-of-concept testing and are now ready for accelerated refinement. In conjunction, the manufacturing techniques should be scalable towards sustainable, broad dissemination and user-friendly incorporation into regular neuroscience research.

In both NOT-NS-21-051 & NOT-NS-21-052, proposed technologies should be compatible with experiments in behaving animals, validated under in vivo experimental conditions, and capable of reducing major barriers to conducting neurobiological experiments and making new discoveries about the CNS.

The last two FOAs are expected to be published in May 2021, with anticipated application due dates in October 2021.