BRAIN Initiative Alliance Toolmakers Web Form and November 2021 Newsletter

Logo of the BRAIN Initiative Alliance, with "BRAIN INITIATIVE" as a letter block and "BRAIN INITIATIVE ALLIANCE" underneath.

The BRAIN Initiative® Alliance invites BRAIN scientists to share their tools with the scientific community via their new web form and has released the next issue of their Toolmakers Newsletter. These newsletters spotlight different BRAIN Initiative investigators with tools, technologies, and/or theories ready for distribution to the research community to advance neurotechnology.

The BRAIN Initiative® Alliance (BIA) launched a new Toolmakers Web Form this week to invite BRAIN scientists to share their tools with the scientific community. Submissions will be reviewed and considered for the BIA’s Toolmakers’ Resources webpage. The form is intended for U.S. BRAIN Initiative funded scientists and their tools that were developed from BRAIN Initiative support. Resources should be ready to share and disseminate with the scientific community for broad use.

Submitted resources may be highlighted in future BIA Toolmaker Newsletters, the fourth of which was released this week. This newest issue describes four exciting tool advancements: Craniobot, a robotic platform for automated cranial microsurgery and See-Shells, transparent skulls for cortical imaging by Dr. Suhasa Kodandaramaiah; modular recording systems with soft, flexible polymer electrode arrays by Dr. Loren Frank; sciMAP-ATAC, a new method to spatially resolve epigenomic profiles of single cells in intact tissue by Casey Thornton and Dr. Andrew Adey; and reagents to map neural connections at the level of individual cells and synapses by Dr. Alison Barth.

Check out the current issue and keep an eye out for future newsletters, which can be found on the BIA Toolmakers’ Resources page and in BIA News!

The cover of the BIA Toolmakers Newsletter for November 2021, featuring hexagonal images on the right and the list of four featured toolmakers on the left.