BRAIN Initiative Alliance Toolmakers Newsletter – November 2022

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Have you read the latest BRAIN Initiative Alliance newsletter? BRAIN scientists are invited to share their tools with the scientific community in the Toolmakers Newsletter. These newsletters spotlight BRAIN Initiative investigators with tools, technologies, or theories ready for distribution to the research community to advance neurotechnology.   

The BRAIN Initiative Alliance (BIA) released its final Toolmakers Newsletter of 2022! This software special issue showcases four neuroscience software tools to discuss their goals, provide researcher insights, demonstrate their impact on the neuroscience community, and share how interested researchers can use them:  

  • OpenMind Software Tools by Dr. Philip Starr, Dr. David Borton, Dr. Heather Dawes, Dr. Tim Denison, Dr. Jeffrey Herron, and Dr. Vaclav Kremen, a collection of software tools that are part of the OpenMind Consortium used to facilitate clinical neuroscience research.  

  • DataJoint Elements by Dr. Dimitri Yatsenko, an approach for creating and managing scientific workflows to automate analyses and increase the scale of neuroscience research.  

  • MoSeq by Dr. Bob Datta, an interactive pipeline for behavioral quantification in mice that maps brain regions to study the behavioral space.  

  • OpenNeuro by Dr. Russell Poldrack, a data archive that shares data in a format that makes it immediately usable to other neuroscience researchers. 

Check out the current issue here and in BIA News!   

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