BRAIN Initiative Alliance Toolmakers Newsletter – May 2022

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Have you read the latest BRAIN Initiative Alliance newsletter? BRAIN scientists are invited to share their tools with the scientific community in the Toolmakers Newsletter. These newsletters spotlight BRAIN Initiative investigators with tools, technologies, or theories ready for distribution to the research community to advance neurotechnology.  

The BRAIN Initiative® Alliance (BIA) released its second Toolmakers Newsletter of 2022! The current issue describes four exciting tool advancements:  

  • OpenScope by Dr. Jérôme Lecoq, a community-driven brain observatory that uses cutting edge Neuropixels recordings, two-photon calcium imaging, and behavioral training to promote scientific collaboration and large-scale systems neuroscience. 

  • The Polymer Implantable Electrode (PIE) Foundry by Dr. Ellis Meng and Dr. Dong Song, a service that expands access to polymer-based microelectrode arrays with user training, quality control testing, and custom-made devices and tools. 

  • Neurodata Without Borders (NWB) by Dr. Oliver Rübel, a data standard for neurophysiology, that provides neuroscientists with a common standard to easily share, archive, use, and build analysis tools for neurophysiology data. 

  • The Carnegie Mellon University 'CMU' Array by Dr. Eric Yttri and Dr. Rahul Panat, 3D printed multielectrode arrays that are fully customizable, take less time to produce at a lower cost, and attain previously impossible densities. 

Check out the current issue here and in BIA News!   

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