From the BRAIN Initiative Alliance: A look back on the BRAIN Initiative in 2021 (and a look ahead to 2022)

Logo of the BRAIN Initiative Alliance, with "BRAIN INITIATIVE" as a letter block and "BRAIN INITIATIVE ALLIANCE" underneath.

Earlier this year, the BRAIN Initiative Alliance provided a recap of 2021 achievements by BRAIN Initiative investigators. Highlights include developing new tools and platforms, establishing key collaborations, and gaining recognition for their contributions to neuroscience and neurotechnology.  

In spite of the persistence of COVID-19 in 2021, BRAIN researchers made significant strides in developing neurotechnology tools and platforms that benefit the entire scientific community and continue to advance brain science. Notable accomplishments range from development of new tools found on the BRAIN Initiative Alliance Toolmaker’s Resource Section to creation of the world’s largest online neural map.  

BRAIN Initiative investigators also made dramatic improvements in the ability to directly translate brain activity into speech, generated an atlas of the mammalian primary motor cortex, and demonstrated proof-of-concept for new adaptive deep brain stimulation devices to treat Parkinson’s symptoms

Other exciting accomplishments include developing new approaches to define the transcriptome of brain cells and brain regions, enhanced microscopy techniques offering subcellular resolution of multiple brain areas, and brain-machine interface advances that pave the way for restoring naturalistic movement of paralyzed hands in humans. These remarkable achievements set the stage for another exciting year of BRAIN Initiative success stories as we look ahead to 2022. Be sure to attend the 8th Annual BRAIN Initiative Meeting scheduled for June 21-22 to connect with researchers of all levels!  

For a more comprehensive review of BRAIN 2021 achievements mentioned above as well as others, check out the recap on the BRAIN Initiate Alliance website here and check out the BRAIN Initiative Alliance news hub to keep up with all the latest U.S. BRAIN Initiative research, funding, collaborations, and more.