Advancing Scientific and Workforce Diversity in the BRAIN Initiative – Feedback Reminder

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The NIH is still seeking input on how to enhance scientific and workforce diversity through the BRAIN Initiative. Public comments will be accepted until August 31, 2020.

Diversity and scientific progress go hand in hand. Individuals from diverse backgrounds and life experiences bring different perspectives and creativity to addressing complex scientific problems.

As emphasized in BRAIN Initiative 2.0: From Cell to Circuits, Toward Cures, the report recommended that BRAIN “continue to recognize that enhancing diversity of the research workforce is a scientific imperative. It should continue to recruit and support students, postdocs, and investigators from diverse backgrounds in NIH BRAIN Initiative-funded projects. These include individuals from groups underrepresented in health-related research.”

Do you (or does anyone you know) have ideas as to how the BRAIN Initiative can broaden diversity in research? If so, let us know! The NIH recently issued a Request for Information (RFI) to seek input from BRAIN Initiative awardees and the broader scientific community on factors that may contribute to the lack of diversity in research teams. The BRAIN Initiative also seeks insight into new approaches to enhance diversity and inclusion. For instance, we seek input on strategies for offering new research opportunities for scientists with limited resources, or ways to benefit diverse trainees and established scientists at institutions traditionally not funded by BRAIN.

Stakeholder feedback is requested on several topics, including developing institutional partnerships and collaborations, creating effective outreach and recruitment, developing metrics to examine diversity outcomes, and others. Please see the previous BRAIN Blog post or RFI for a comprehensive list of topics.

The deadline for submitting public comments is Monday, August 31, 2020! Please send comments to BRAIN.Initiative.Training@mail.nih.govFor more information, please view the full RFI Notice: