Addgene launches a new community resource to share recombinant antibodies for neuroscientists

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BRAIN-funded Addgene catalog to disseminate antibodies for neuroscience research based on values of transparency, reproducibility, and community building.  

Already well-recognized as a non-profit community resource for sharing plasmids and viral vectors, Addgene has launched a recombinant antibody repository for neuroscientists supported by funding from the NIH BRAIN Initiative. Antibodies have been a mainstay of biological research for decades and have been modified for a range of critical experiments in neuroscience and biology more broadly. Building on the need for a central repository of antibodies, this community resource will also include protocols, shared data, and other material useful for education and dissemination.  

Read the Addgene press release and blog post for more information on this new resource. 

The NIH BRAIN Initiative has also collaborated with Addgene in the past to showcase BRAIN-funded plasmids and viruses, which can be found here